Previous workshops

Software-intensive Business Workshops continue the academic work carried out previously by International Workshop on Software Ecosystems (IWSECO) and International Workshop on Software Startups (IWSSU). Please find below the webpages and proceedings of the previous workshops.

Software-intensive Business Workshops

2019, IWSiB 2019Tallinn (Hosted by ESEC/FSE 2019)

2018, SiBW 2018Helsinki

Software Ecosystems Workshops

2009, 1st IWSECO, Virginia (Co-located with ICSR 2009)

2010, 2nd IWSECO, Copenhagen (Co-located with ECSA’10)

2011, 3rd IWSECO, Brussels

2012, 4th IWSECO, Boston

2013, 5th IWSECO, Potsdam (Co-organized with IWLCSP 2013 and hosted by ICSOB 2013)

2014, 6th IWSECO, Vienna (Co-organized with WEA 2014)

2015, 7th IWSECO, Dubrovnik (Co-organized with WEA 2015)

2016, 8th IWSECO, Dublin (Co-located with ICIS 2016)

2017, 9th IWSECOHelsinki

International Workshops on Software Startups

2015, SSU 2015, Bolzano (Co-located with PROFES 2015)

2016, 2nd IWSS, Trondheim (Co-located with 22nd ICE-IEEE ITMC)

2017, 3rd IWSS, Vienna (Co-organized with SE4SU at SEAA’17)